Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Six Seasons

Daf Hashavua
Bava Metzia 106b

רשב"ג משום ר"מ אומר -- חצי תשרי מרחשון וחצי כסליו, זרע

There are six seasons in the year, each lasting for two months.
The first season of Zera starts in Chatzi (15) Tishrei.

My father a"h said, on the famous Midrash ,
ולקחתם לכם ביום הראשון"- Rishon L'cheshbon
Avonos. Perhaps the orignal girsa was עונות
instead of עוונות (difference in spelling only one vav)
Seasons instead of sins.

The first day of Sukkos (15 Tishrei ) is the first day of the
first season” Zera”.

The Gemoro says that the Na'anuim (shaking of the Lulav)
rids the world,from harmful winds and dew. TheTorah said
the Lulav should be taken on the first day of  זרע
to rid the planting season from harmful weather.

The Gemoro Bava Basra 100b says to make seven מעמדות
when coming back from a Levaya. ( They walk and stop
seven times. We have a similar Minhag. We do it with the
Mitah before the Kevurah) The reason to stop seven times
is because the seven times in Koheles הבל הבלים   
2x  הבלים (plural) = 4 + 3x הבל 

The נימוקי יוסף  adds an additional reason for the 7 מעמדות
It represents the seven periods in a life cycle, six seasons 
and a 24hour day.

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