Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Parshas Vayigash -NAME CHANGE

Parshas Hashavua

Of the 70 יורדי מצרים there are 69 different names (2x חצרון)
Chazal tell us שלא שינו שמם that in Mitzrayim they didn't change 
their names.

How do we explain the names of the נשיאים, מרגלים, עמרם,משה, אהרן ובניו
and all the names that appear in the תורה after יציאת מצרים. There is not 
a single person (as far as I know) carrying the name of one of the 69 
names mentioned in this week's Parsha. The only exception is* יגאל בן יוסף 
who was one of the Meraglim from שבט יששכר

*כמה יוסף איכא בשוקא

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