Monday, February 24, 2020

Chasidishe Ma'asos

R.Moishe Kubriner zt"l  told this story.
"When R.Baruch Mezhbizh zt"l once met the Shpoler Zaida zt"l, he asked him how is it possible for a simple Yid like you (before becoming a Rebbe the Shpoler Zaida was a simple Melamed & no special Yichus) to become such a great Rebbe".

The Shpoler Zaida answered him "It definitely is possible. When a simple farmer has 50 סאה of wheat he takes off 1 סאה he makes it Teruma it becomes קדש that a זר may not eat it. So too when simple Chasidim appoint a Rebbe they turn him into
a holy man. R. Baruch responded that a חרש שוטה וקטן can't be Mafrish Terumah so too only normal Chasidim can appoint
a Rebbe but not a חסיד שוטה." 

The Kozhnitzer Magid was asked, "Why is it that the Barditchver (Kedushas Levi) who is such  a very holy man 
yet so poor and the other Rebbe who is not as holy but  is  a rich man?"

The Magid answered "it's very simple it all depends on the Chasidim the Rebbe has. The  Barditchver's Chasidim come for Brachos in רוחניות and the Rebbe is מתפלל בעד חבירו therefore he is נענה תחילה and keeps growing in רוחניות.

The rich Rebbe, his Chasidim ask for a Bracha in Parnasah so the Rebbe is  מתפלל בעד חבירו and is נענה תחילה by

becoming rich."

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