Friday, January 13, 2017

Can't find source

לז"נ הקדוש ר' אברהם אשי בן הרב שמואל הי"ד
נעקד"ה ע"י הנאצים ימ"ש  ט"ו טבת


In many Siddurim, at the end or Shemone Esrai, it says
"The Shlah Hakadosh writes, So as not to forget
your name after 120, to say a Pasuk that starts and ends
with the same letters as your own name starts
and end”. "

As far as we know, this Shlah does not exist.

Some claim* it is in the Kitzur Shlah (R.Y.M.Epstien) .
Those who checked couldn't find it there.

The Maharsham (Da’as Torah O.Ch. 156) claims, the source
is a Rashi (Micha 6:9) “whoever says this Pasuk will be
saved from Gehinom.”

This Shtikel is not really from Rashi but is in brackets
and was added on to Rashi.

The actual Mokor for this Minhag is, the Eliya Rabba (O.Ch.122)
He quotes in the name of the Bais Yosef, “Tov Lomar” It’s a
good thing to say etc. The B.Y. doesn’t mention any reward
for saying it. ( no mention of remembering your name after 120)

*The  original Artscroll Siddurim had the
Kitzur  Shlah as the source. They changed
it to the Eliya Rabba.

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