Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Chida On Why We Say The Mothers Name When Davening For A Choileh

The Chida writes that when Davening for a חולה we use the mother's name.

The reason is  because we need a lot of Zechusim. Usually  women have more Zechusim than men. Women don't  have the  Aveirah of Bitul Torah.

The Steipler zt"l  once Davened for Reb Yechezkel Abramsky zt"l not knowing his mothers name. He Davened  for Yechezkal Ba'al Mechaber (author of) Chazon Yechezkal.

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  1. Where does it say that? Please provide exact מראה מקום.

    Did you see it yourself?

    "The reason is because we need a lot of Zechusim. Usually women have more Zechusim than men. Women don't have the Aveirah of Bitul Torah."

    Not having an aveira (all the more so if it something that doesn't apply to them) is not the same thing as having a zechus.

    Men who learn Torah have the zechus of לימוד התורה, which women don't have the same way (although they can get some aspect of zechus Torah by helping men learn).

    It should be mentioned, of course, that the above is not the typical reason given. One of which is that we follow Dovid Hamelech, who was mispalleil, אנא ה' כי אני עבדך, continuing with the words אני עבדך בן אמתך, mentioning his mother, in his plea for help.

    IIRC, another reason given is that the mother of a person is considered a certainty, as opposed to the father.


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