Monday, December 26, 2016

Creamy Birthday Cake

(Nital approved)

The Gadol Hador and his birthday cake 

The Jerusalem newspaper “Chavatzelet” reported on
February 1909 that on  the 2nd of Shevat  R.Shmuel
Salant [zt”l] celebrated his 93d birthday.

Gedolei Yerushalyim assembled in his house.

One of the Gedolim said Chidushei Torah.

R. Chaim Berlin  (shlita) [zt”l] sent, as he usually did, a decorated 
fancy  birthday cake with flowers & ornaments. 
It was inscribed with the following words,

בשם ה' כי ארך ימים ושנות חיים טובים ארוכים
ושלום רב יוסיפו להרב הגאון מורנו רבנו רבי
שמואל בן רבי צבי,אמן אמן  זה משלי ידידו רצוף
אהבה רבה, חיים ברלין

The Gematria of this Bracha = 5669 (1909)

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