Wednesday, December 7, 2016

מלא שבע זאת

לז"נ רות בת ר' צבי יהודה  ופעסל בת ר' בונם ע"ה
    יום השנה ז' כסלו                           
מלא שבע זאת                              
The Chasam Sofer writes (Shu”t E.H. 1: 122)
He never heard or saw while he was in Frankfurt*, having 
Sheva Brachos from the second day on. (day after Chasuna)
Only once did they have a Sheva Brachos on Shabbos
It was so unheard of, the whole city  talked about it.

Today the Minhag is to be מחמיר to have at least one
if not two Sheva Brachos every single day.
To compensate for being מחמיר we are מיקל in
Brachos Levatalah and not so Makpid in having proper
Panim Chadashos etc.
According to Harav Hagaon R. Shlomo Z. Auerbach zt"l
one may not use for Panim Chadashos one of the waiters 
or a stranger off the street. It must be an invited guest.

* seems that in Pressburg it was common to have Sheva Brachos  after the wedding

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