Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dikduk Lesson

According to Harav Hagaon R.Chaim Kanyevsky Shlita:

Females should say Moidoh Ani Lefonecha . 
(Kometz under Dalet) and not Modeh Ani

Many others agree

Artscroll Siddur for women (Ohel Sarah) it says Modeh


  1. Is there any hava amina for women using "incorrect" dikduk in order to follow the usual nusach? That is, do we have any other case where a woman would ordinarily conjugate a word in a certain way, but because the nusach was written as first person male, women say that too?

    If not, then it would seem obvious that women should change modeh to modah. And it would be puzzling why Artscroll would leave it, since they made so many other changes to the nusach.

    1. Sorry -- I mean Artscroll made changes to the nusach of women's tefillah, leaving out certain sections, et cetera.

  2. The Koren Siddur has the different nusach for women, as well as for the מודה in אלוקי נשמה

  3. The Koren Siddur does not have שלא עשעני שפחה for women


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