Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gedolim Pictures For The Sukka


As children, many of us were led to believe 
that Avraham Avinu, Moishe Rabeinu etc. 
wore a Shtreimel and the שמונה בגדים of the 
Chasidishe Rebbes.

Many adults are not aware and wouldn't
believe that there were Gedolei Olam who did not 
cover their head, (even during Davening) 

were clean shaven and even wore a wig.

R. Dovid Nieto Rav in London
Mechaber: Mateh Dan Kuzari Sheini
wore a shaitel
a friend of the ChachamTzvi

Fought the Shabsi Tzvi.
R. Yehuda Arye Modini
No headcover.
Mechaber: Sefer Ari Noham
Bais Lechem Yehuda etc.
Piyut יום זה יהי משקל כל חטאתי
R. Moishe Chafetz
no headcover clean shaven
Mechaber: Meleches Machsheves.
Mechaber: Mesilas Yeshorim etc.
clean shaven

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