Friday, September 2, 2016

Tircha Dtzibura

Amongst the many Gedolim whose Minhag
was not to say לדוד ה' אורי from R. Chodesh
  Ellul till Simchas Torah, was the Vilna Gaon.

The Aderes* writes the reason for not
saying it, was because of Tircha Detzibura.

Saying one Kapitel Tehillim takes up too
much time from the Tzibbur.

Perhaps we can explain the Aderes /Gaon,

There is no mention in Bavli, Yerushalmi,
Rishonim, Tur & Shulchan Aruch etc. to say
Ledovid Hashem (in Ellul)

The first to mention to say it Betzibbur** is
the Sefer Chemdas Hayomim*** & the Sefer
Shem Tov Katan which are Sifrei  Kabbala****.

The Gaon in general was against adding
additional Tefillos. He tried to stick to
   the original Tefillos from the Anshei
Knesses Hagedola.

A Shliach Tzibbur who starts one minute
late in a Minyan of 100 people, wasted
not one minute but100 minutes. (Tircha
of 100 people times 1 minute)

Adding a Kapitel Tehillim which takes
to say only one minute can at times
be considered taking 100 minutes.
This might explain why the Gaon
considered it Tircha Detzibura and 
didn't add it to the Tefilos during Ellul etc.


Sunday א' אלול most Shuls will be
saying 3 Kapitlach Tehillim at end
of Davening.
1) לדוד מזמור (שיר של יום)
2) לדוד ה' אורי
3) ברכי נפשי 

According to the Gaon all you
   would say is ברכי נפשי

    *הרב אליהו דןד רבינוביץ תאומים
(he was a twin)

**The Sefer Shem Tov Katan
printed before the Chemdas Hayomim
mentions only to say it ביחיד .

***major  contoversey who the
author was.Some don't say
Ledovid Hashem Ori
claiming the source
is Nasan Ha'azasi yms.

**** I believe the first Halacha Sefer

to say it is the Mateh Efraim

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