Monday, September 12, 2016

Rabbi playing ball

Rabbi playing ball

At a Chalitza  ceremony I had once  attended, the
Rosh Bais Din (head of the 5* Rabonim)
said to the Yavam he had a ball and wanted to practice 
playing soccer (football) with him**.

It was very odd watching a Rav with a long beard
wearing a hat and a long kaftan, playing goalie and 
then switch with the Yavam and play offense.

After 5 minutes of playing, all Rabonim agreed
the need to repeat the Chalitza twice. Once on the 
right foot and a second time  on the left foot.

They observed the Yavam used mostly his left
foot to kick the ball.

There is a Machlokes ( Shulchan Aruch E.H. 169: 24) 
if the Yavam who is left footed can do Chalitza altogether. 

The Rema Paskens they can do Chalitza but it needs to 
be done on both feet. 

*Chalitza requires a Bais Din of 3+2
** I think he had no idea why he was asked to play

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