Thursday, September 29, 2016

וכסיל לא יבין את זאת

 וכסיל  לא  יבין  את  זאת
זאת התורה 
צום קול ממון   גמטרי' זאת 
בזאת יבא אהרן 
זאת חקת - דא גזרת*
  דא גזרת גמטרי'  לה' המלוכה ומושל בגויים-(615) 
והמבין יבין 

In most  Ashkenaz Machzorim, on top of the words of  
ותשובה ותפילה וצדקה there appears  the words צום קול ממון 
Many, assume it explains the words- תשובה תפילה צדקה .

What is the connection of Tzom to Teshuvah & Kol to Tefillah?

The Rambam Hl. Teshuva enumerates all the ingredients for
Teshuva ,(Azivas Hachet, Charata, Vidui and Kabala Al Ha'asid)
 but no mention of fasting.
The Gemoro says that those who think you need Kol for
Tefillah are from the small believers. Wouldn't Kavanah
be more appropriate for Tefillah?
Why is it important to tell you Tzedakah is money ?

Perhaps, "Tzom, Kol, Mammon"  has no connection 
to "Teshuva, Tefillah Utzedokoh", but is a different formula
for a different occasion.
Mavirin Roa Hagezeirah can be interpreted two ways.
1) Prevents bad Gezeiros from ch”v reaching us.
2) Removes (rids) bad Gezeiros that ch”v reached us already  .

To prevent bad Gezeiros  from coming, the formula is
Teshuva, Tefilla, and Tzedaka.

To get rid of bad Gezeiros that has ch”v arrived,
then the formula is as mentioned in
The Rambam in Hl.Taniyos .
(based on the Mishna Ta,anis 12b)
א- הל' ד') ומדברי סופרים להתענות על כל צרה-)      
   There is a mitzvah d’Rabanan to fast.                       
(א- הל' א') מצות עשה מה"ת לזעוק ולהריע בחצוצרות  
 Mitzvah min HaTorah to blow trumpets& scream
to Hashem.
  (ג' הל' ד'- הל' ח') ונועלין את החניות- ממעטין במשא ומתן
You close the shops- reduce business dealings.

(Mammon is not Tzedokoh but loss of monetary income)

It's possible that during the Holocaust years it would
have been appropriate to say Tzom Kol Mammon,Ma'avirin
es Roa Hagezeirah  instead of UTeshuva UTefilah
Utzedaka Ma'avirin--

תרגום על זאת חקת התורה*

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