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Names of Serach bas Osher's father & of Levi's wife


שרח בת אשר     
Who was Serach's  father?

1.   אשר 
2.    ישוי
3.     son of Yishvi ) בן של ישוי

4.    מלכיאל

The Ramban (26:46) says that the Targum Unkeles translates   ושם בת אשר שרח  , ושום ברת אתת אשר סרח

 The name of the daughter of Osher’s wife was Serach.
(She wasn’t Osher’s daughter but his wife’s daughter)

The Ramban explains , Serach’s mother was married and had only one child (Serach)  Osher married her after her husband died.*

The Techeilas Mordechai (Kur Zahav) says that she was the daughter of Yishvi the son of Osher. When Yishvi died ,Osher married his daughter in law. (Issur D’Orysa)**

 A second possibility is that she was the grand daughter of Yishvi and Osher married his son Yishvi’s daughter in law (Issur D’rabanan)

The Sefer Hayoshor*** says she was the daughter of Malchiel ben Eilam, (Eilam son of Sheim)

              *  Shu"t Chasam Sofer E,H,76 proves from here
                          the Halacha in Rema Ch.M. 42:15 "adopted children
                         can be called children in documents etc."
**Kodem Matan  Torah
                  ***Thanks to R. M.Appel Shlita (for Mareh Makom)

          LEVI'S WIFE NAME
(Bamidbar 26:59) אשר ילדה אותה ללוי במצרים 
The פענח רזא  quotes a Midrash that Levi's
wife was called אותה

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