Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Don't Touch !

               Don't Touch !

Did you know ? (149)

The Rema (O.Ch.612:10) writes,
"When feeding children on Yom Kippur
one may touch the food." 

The Taz explains the reason is
because of אימת הדין (fear of Yom Kippur) 
we are not worried one might come to eat
the food in his hand.

The Pri Megodim* assumes this Heter 
applies only on Yom Kippur. The other 
four fast days (no אימת הדין) one shouldn't
touch food.

The M.Verurah (sk32) by quoting both 
reasons why it's different than Chometz,
might argue on the Pri Megodim and hold you 

may touch the food even on the four fasts.

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