Wednesday, June 15, 2016

בטל בשישים dreams

 What do bad dreams have to do with  Birkas Kohanim?

The Toras Chaim (Bava Kama 55a) writes, “Birkas Kohanim
is a form of Nevuah (prophecy).
The Kohanim are repeating words Hashem tells them to
say, while the Shechina is hovering over them.
The Birkas Kohanim has 60 Osios.(Alphabets)
The Gemoro says that dreams are a 1/60 of Nevuah.
Someone who has a bad dream (1/60 Nevuah) can nullify  it with
the 60 Osios of the Nevuah of Birkas Kohanim.

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