Thursday, June 2, 2016

לכבוד התחלת סדר נזיקין

לכבוד התחלת סדר נזיקין       
How many Mesechtos are there in Seder Nezikin

10 - 8 - 1

According to R. Yosef כולה נזיקין חדא מסכת . 


R. Huna argues and considers them
as separate Mesechtos. (Bava Kama 102a)

There are important Halachic differences

if we count them as one or separate  Mesechtos.

We don't say אין סדר למשנה in the same Mesechta

*Although the general rule is, we Pasken like
R. Huna against R. Yosef, in this case the

Halacha (Rambam) is like R. Yosef being

Rebbi named the three Mesechtos " Bava

Kama,Metzia & Basra". (gate 1,2,3 - one

Mesechta with 3 gates)

There is also a Machlokes Rishonim if R.

Yosef referred to, only  the first three Mesechtos

as Kulo Nezikin (Bava Kama Metzia Basra)

or all 10 Mesechtos are considered one.

1)   10     R. Huna 
2)     8     R. Yosef (Rambam Ritva)
3)     1     R. Yosef (Ri Migash**)

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