Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Whats Pshat

Parshas Hashavua

(Vayikra 17 :2) דבר אל אהרן - ואמרת אליהם  
The בעל הטורים writes the reason אליהם 
is spelled with a yud to teach you that
you need to publicize the thing with ten
"מלא י' לומר לך שצריך לפרסם הדבר בעשרה"

What needs to be publicized by having ten people?

If it's referring to שחוטי חוץ, when where & how was
it ever done.

If it's referring in general (things that needs publicity
needs 10) then why does the Torah teach
this here (שחוטי חוץ)

I have no Pshat on this בעל הטורים

Please help if you can

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