Friday, May 6, 2016

Lekovod upcoming Yom Ha'atzmaut

 The Chazon Ish was Mechabed (gave respect)
one of the Zionist Rabonim. He was very friendly 
towards him and had good relations with this Rav.

The Chazon Ish once explained the reason
for this relationship. 

He said "The Rav thinks he is deceiving me 
when discussing certain issues or שאלות. 
In the meantime it is me who is deceiving him.
Because of my influence he refrains from doing
many things that he would otherwise do if I had
not befriended him".

The Chazon Ish gave an example of one
of the discussions they  had.

The Rav asked  the Chazon Ish if there
is a way to be Matir for soldiers to get married 
during Sefira. Soldiers could only get married
while they are on leave. By not being able
to get married during Sefira they might have
to delay their wedding for many months.

The Chazon Ish understood that the Rav
had in mind to get a Heter to get married on
Yom Ha'atzmaut, being this was the day many 
soldiers are on leave.

The Chazon Ish answered  "that he agrees
with him, if being in the army is the cause for 
delaying their marriage for an extended period 
of time they should be allowed to get married 
during the Sefirah. 
He would be prepared to be  Matir for soldiers
on leave to get married during all days of Sefirah 
except for one day , "Yom Ha'atzmaut".

" במחיצתם "- הרב שלמה לורנץ ז"ל

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