Friday, May 27, 2016

Lag Baoemer Quiz

       Questions & answers for Lag Baomer

1) Where is Kever Rashbi located ?
According to R. Menachem Hachevroni (14th century) in Kfar Chananya 
(15 km. south of Meron)

2) When was Rashbi niftar ?
According to the Chida there is no Mokor that he was niftar on Lag Baomer

3) Who wrote the Zohar ?
According to the Yavetz it was R. Moishe d'Leon

4) What day did the Talmidei R. Akiva stop dying?
According to vast majority of Poskim, they did not stop dying on Lag Baomer.

5) How many Talmidim of R. Akiva died between Pesach &Shavuos ?
The Gemoro (Yevamos 62) says 12,000 pairs of Talmidim.
The Medrash says, it was only 300 Talmidim.

6) What did they die from?
The Gemoro says they all died with a desease called Askera.
According to Harav Hagaon Y. Henkin zt"l the Gemoro uses a code
for getting killed by the Romans.

7)  How can you bring nachas to Rashbi (guaranteed) ?
The Shoel Umeishiv ( 5 - 39) writes " if you distribute the money to 
Aniyei Eretz Yisroel instead of spending it to go to his Kever etc., 
he guarantees Rashbi will have much more Nachas Ruach.


  1. Can you post the source for
    - According to the Chida there is no Mokor that he was niftar on Lag Baomer
    - According to the Yavetz it was R. Moishe d'Leon

  2. The Chida in his work Birkhei Yosef, printed in 1774, writes that Rashbi died on Lag Ba-Omer. But in a later work of his, Ma’aret Ayin, printed in 1805, he writes that the Prei Etz Chaim is full of mistakes and this statement regarding Lag Ba-Omer and Rashbi’s death day is one of them. So the Chida’s conclusion is that it is not a reference to Rashbi’s day of death at all. This conclusion is accepted by later authorities, including Takfo Shel Nes (p. 59a), Shu”t Rav u-Po’alim (1:11), and Tziyun LeNefesh Chayah

    The Yavetz wrote a Sefer "Mitpachas Seforim" he brings 280 proofs
    that the Rashbi could not have written the Zohar.


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