Friday, March 4, 2016

Gedolim Not Being Aware

Daf Hashavua
Gittin 81b

והאמר ר' יוחנן הלכה כסתם משנה
-אמוראי נינהו ואליבא דר' יוחנן

The Chasam Sofer (Shu"t E.H.2:71) explains
that all agree that R.Yochanan said Halacha
K'stam Mishna. The Talmidim argue if it is
also applicable when there is a Machlokeh
in a Breisa*.
According to Rabah B.B.Ch.. R.Yochanan
would agree that the Halacha is not like the
Stam Mishna. It is possible Rebbe wasn't aware
of the Machlokeh in the Breisa and had he known
of it he would not have paskened like the Stam.

The othe Amorei argues and holds even when
the Machlokeh is in a Breisa the Halacha is 
like the Stam because Rebbe knew of every
Machlokeh even if mentioned in a Breisa.

The Ch.S. continues that this Machlokeh is
only on Rebbe who was a Gavra Rabah
therefore one Amorei holds that Rebbe knew
every Shita. On other Gedolim, even the 
Amorei will agree that it is possible for 
them not being aware of 
another Shita and had they been aware of it 
they might have changed their mind.
(see Rema Ch.M. 25:2)

*"ובזה מיושב קושי' עצומה מה שמקשו מרבב"ח
(חולין מ"ג ע"א) דס"ל הלכה כסתם משנה נגד משנה אחריתי

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