Monday, February 15, 2016

no more צרות

There are very few Kehilos left, where 
special Yotzros are said on the Shabbosos
between Pesach & Shavuos.

The Ashel Avraham (Butchatch) (O.Ch.68)
writes that they stopped saying these Yotzros 
from the times of the Arizal when they were 
promised that no more pogroms or mass killings 
will ever happen  to Klal Yisroel (wishful thinking)

Therefore it is proper in such times not to say
Yotzros on Shabbos that remind us of sad 
These Piyutim were written in the times of
the crusades etc.when there were Tzoros
for Klall Yisroel. Then you may be sad even on

Shabbos .שלפעמים מתריעין בשב"ק על צרה שלא תבוא

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