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הכל בסדר

הכל בסדר                                     

                 MINHAG OF TU B'SHVAT SEDER
Some claim, The Tu Bishvat Seder originates from the Ari Zal. In his

Kesovim  (כתבי האר"י ז"ל)  there is no mention of a Seder on Tu Bishvat.

The first one to mention this Seder is the Sefer Chemdas HaYomim. 

There is a whole Perek describing how to perform the Seder.

"Various Perakim from Tanach and Zohar are to be said. Four

cups of different wines are drunk. Mezonos and fruits are eaten. Before

each fruit you have Kavanah of a different Tziruf of the Shem Havyah."

Thirty different fruits are to be eaten. Ten types of fruit that the outer 

is eaten and not the inner (fruits w. seeds) Ten that the inner is eaten 

and not outer (nuts/oranges) Ten that both inner and outer are 

eaten (seedless fruits)

The 30 fruits represents the 10 Sefiros x3 for 
 עולם הבריאה, עולם היצירה ,עולם העשייה*

In 1753, this chapter from the Chemdas Hayomim was reprinted 

as a separate Kunteres called "Kunteres Pri Eitz Hadar"  

They have since then, reprinted this Kunteres many times

and the Seder became very popular amongst the Mekubalim

and some Chasidim.

The Sefer Chemdas Hayomim was printed without a Sha'ar Blatt.

The Ya'avetz said that the Mechaber was the Navi Sheker

Noson Hoazosi, the right hand man of Shabtai Zvi  Ym"s.

There were Gedolim who disputed the Ya'avetz and claimed

the Sefer was written by an unknown holy man.

The Chemdas Hayomim writes to have Kavanah at the Seder ,
                                                                                                                      " העץ הנחמד בן ישי חי על האדמה

Someone revealed, this to be the same Gematria as Shabtai Zvi.

(317=315+2) . Also    העץ הנחמד = 390 the same as שצ 

These Gematrios enforced the side who claim the Sefer is from

Noson Hoazosi.

The publisher of the Amsterdam edition  who was aware

of this controversy, wrote in the Hakdama

                                                                                                               "ואם תמצא בו פרי שאינו נחמד למראה,
                                                                                                                השלך הקליפה ואכול תוכו"

*For some reason the first of the 4 עולמות  
  (is left out (I don't know why  , עולם האצילות

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