Monday, December 7, 2015

A Good Vort For Chanuka

הדלקה עושה מצוה

The Rambam, Paskens  a   זר may light the Menorah in the
Bais Hamikdash .  The way it has to be done is by taking
the Menorah out and have the זר light and then return
it back to its place.
We see from here that at the Bais Hamikdash we
Pasken הנחה עושה מצוה  . (The lighting was done in
the wrong place, but still O.K. as long as it placed in
in the right place.
Why for Chanukah do we pasken      הדלקה עושה מצוה  
if in the Bais Hamikdosh we Paskened הנחה עושה מצוה ?
The Rogatchover Gaon zt”l says “in the times 
Of Bayis Sheini (no Shemen Hmishcha ) the way to be
mekadesh a new Kli Shoreis, was having a Kohen  use it
for the first time, during the Avodah.

During the Nes Chanukah  they lit with a new Menorah
for the first time. To be Mekadesh  the new Menorah,
required Kohanim to light the Menorah. “

Mori V’rabi Hagaon R. Shlomo Miller shlita said with this
Rogatchover we can understand why we pasken הדלקה עושה מצוה .
Chazal wanted to commemorate the Chinuch of the new Menorah ,
which required a Kohen to do the first Hadlakah, to be Mekadesh
the new Menorah.

אחת ושבע                   
ואני הקטן הוספתי ,ובזה מיושב קושיית הב"י –
ביום א' התקינו לזכר חנוכת המנורה          
ועוד ז' זכר נס פך שמן                 

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