Monday, October 26, 2015

7 Reasons For Bahab

1)      Chillul Hashem & for the Heichal that was burnt .  ( Ms. Sofrim 21)
2)      Men & women mingle during the Drasha on Yom Tov  (Tosfos Kidushin 81a)
3)      Men & women overeat  & mingle during the meals (Eshkol)
4)      Rain for winter and no harsh  spring weather so the crops won’t get damaged. (Elya Raba)
5)      Change of seasons(winter& summer) shouldn’t be harmful for the people. (Levush)
6)      Hashem should ease  the Galus . (Machzor Vitri)
7)      Zilzul Chol Hamoed (Maharam  miRotenberg)

The Elya Raba (O.Ch. 492) quotes the Haghaos Oshri, “ Those who do not fastTa’anis Bahab, must at least refrain from eating delicacies on the Ta’anis."

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