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“יהא רעוא דאימא מילתא דתתקבל “

Chasam Sofer

Beitzah 38a

The Gemoro says , When Reb Aba went to Eretz Yisroel, he Davened :

“יהא רעוא דאימא מילתא דתתקבל “

The Gemoro continues and says -Reb Aba tried to answer a question asked by the Chachomim but they laughed at him. When he asked them why they were laughing at him they laughed again.

Reb Oshiya  said the Chachomim were justified in laughing at Reb Aba.

The Chasam Sofer (O.Ch. 208) asked what message is Chazal trying to teach us by embarrassing Reb Aba?

The Chasam Sofer answers:

Chazal  teach us that it is wrong to Daven, that your words should be acceptable to others. If you believe something to be true  then it doesn’t matter if others agree with you or not. It is not important for you to convince others to change their minds and agree with you.

It is very interesting, the Chasam Sofer   in Teshuva # 60  O.Ch. starts his answer to the Sheilah with a Tefillah

ויהא רעוא דאימא מלתא דתתקבל     ??

This question was asked in the Torah journal "Kerem Shlomo" (year 15 # 5 pg.61 By a Rabbi Katz. There are a few answers given by the readers.

Perhaps we can add one more answer. There are times when a Rav Paskens a Sheilah where the hardship of the outcome of the Psak Lechumra, is not taken into consideration.

There are other times  when it is very important for the Rav to consider the hardship his Psak might cause if he Paskens Lechumra.

(הפסד מרובה,עגונה, etc.)

 It’s very likely, the Chasam Sofer would agree that for such Sheilo it is proper to Daven that the other Rabonim should agree with his Heter. His Tefilla is not that he should win over with his opinion.

His Tefillah is- that others agree with him so he can give a Psak Lekulah and the Shoel shouldn’t suffer any hardship.

Teshuva #60 deals with, After the War in 1809 the city of Pressburg lay in ruins. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and damaged by the shells  shot across the Danube by Napoleon's Army. Close to two hundred houses were totally burned down to the ground.

Many other homes were damaged and inhabitable. Winter was approaching and new homes were desperately needed. The Sheilah was if you can allow Goyim to build and repair the houses on Shabbos.

The Chasam Sofer desperately, wanted to be Matir.  He
came up with a Heter he wasn't comfortable with. He
writes that he wouldn’t rely on his Heter unless
the other Rabanim  agreed with him. His Tefilla was they
should agree with his Heter so the Yidden shouldn’t

have to suffer any longer

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