Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More On Mesechtas Nedarim

The only Mesechte in whole of Shas that has a header on top
of every page with the word "Rashi"  is Meseches NEDARIM.

The Pirush under the header, is definitely not Rashi.

Some say it was written by the Rivan*- son in law of Rashi.

The Maharsha wrote two Seforim (Chidushei Halachos & Chidushei Agodos) on most Mesechtos in Shas.

The Chidushei Halachos on Meseches Nedarim has no Chidushim whatsoever. The whole Sefer has only corrections on the mistakes in the Mesechte.

* R. Yehuda ben Noson

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