Tuesday, March 3, 2015

One Answer We Received

One  Answer We Received To Please Help With An Answer 

Thanks to all of you, who contributed to
solve the question I had no answer.
Bracha for Mikra Megillah requires standng (Birchas Hamitzvah)
Bracha for Marror may be done sitting (similar to a Birchas Hanehenin)

1.      Birchas Hamitzva requires standing*
2.      Birchas Hanehenin may(should) be done sitting
3.      A Birchas Hmitzvah, for a Mitzvah which
ends up having a Hanahas Haguf (Shechita
Challa, etc. may be done sitting.**
4.      Marror , (even raw chrain) since we dip it
in Charoses it is not Mazik we can make
a Bracha Al Achilas Marror. Therefore
there is Hanahas Haguf.(may be done sitting)

       * Mishna Verurah 8 sk 2

       ** Pri Megodim A.A. 690, Abudraham

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