Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Of Gebrokts And Kitniyos

The Sefer Ashrei Haish quotes  Rav Elyashuv zt"l who says that one who has the Minhag of not eating Gebrokts may change his Minhag to eating Gebrokts.  

It is preferable to make Hatoros Nedarim but not necessary. One may rely on the Hataras Nedarim made on Erev Rosh Hashana.

Reb Elyashuv holds  the original Chumra of Gebrokts  started when Matzohs were thick.

Today there is no chance of having unbaked flour in our thin Matzos.

For Kitniyos one may not change , Hataras Nedarim won't help.

Even an Ashkenazia who marries a Sephardi (follows husbands Minhagim) has to keep her original Chumra and should not eat Kitniyos.

The Chumra of Kitniyos is different than all other Chumros. Kitniyos was a Kabala Gemura till the end of all generations. (Ashrei Ha'ish 3)


  1. I recall hearing that the Chasam Sofer said something like 'one cannot have oneg Yom tov without kneidlech (which of course, are kitniyos). Do you have a source for that?


  2. It is mentioned from the Chasam Sofer atגעבראקטס

    1. 1) It is true the Chasam Sofer ate Gebrokts.
      2) I am not aware of a source, but it is said
      that he said his Oneg Yom Tov were also the
      3)Kneidlach are Gebrokts, not Kitniyos


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