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                                                                                                                                                                         לע"נ אמי מורתי מרת געלא בת ר' אברהם אשי זצ"ל*
                                                                                                                     ד' אדר א'  ה,תשע"ד                    The Shach ( Y.D. 246:27) quotes the Shut Maharam Mintz
” The Minhag was for all Ba’alei Batim to attend  the Yeshivah 
at the beginning of the Zman.(To participate in the starting of
the Mesechta) When the Mesechta was completed they were
invited for the Siyum.”

According to the Shach, it seems,  participants of a Siyum should
attend not only the completion of the Mesechta but also the 
starting of the  Mesechta.

We find in most Drashos for Siyumim, the Darshonim connect  
the beginning of the Mesechta to the end.
It is possible the intention was,  for those who have  not been
at the starting of the Mesechta, should at least
learn the beginning by listening to the Drush.

*The Chavas Yair wrote זצ"ל  for his grandmother. I took the liberty to do
so for my mother zt"l as well, for she was a true Tzadekes.
Yehi Zichroh Baruch.  תהא שעת עליית הנשמה

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