Monday, February 2, 2015

Did You Know

According to R.Y.S .Elyashuv,* Even if you are in a  Shul
where the Minhag is to stand up for Aseres Hadibros, you
should remain seated, because standing up 
(for Aseres Hadibros) is Neged** Halacha***.

*The Igros Moshe (O.Ch.4:22) argues and holds to follow Minhag Hamakom.

** Teshuvos Harambam (Ta'arumos Haminim) 

***The Tashbatz does bring this Minhag


  1. 1) Where does Rav Elyashiv say that?

    2) Since when do we follow every psak of the Rambam? Even Sfardic Jews don't do that. Just some Yemenites perhaps. Kal vachomer, all the more so, that Ashkenazim don't.

    3) The great Rav Moshe Feinstein zt"l should not be relegated to small print in a footnote here. He should be on the same level as Rav Elyashiv at least.

  2. 1) Shiurei Brochos 12a
    2) if nobody is Cholek. (probably in our case) This discussion is where he stands up at the first Pasuk of the Aseres Hadibros and not where he stood up at the beginning of the Parsha or a couple of Pasukim before.
    3) This forum is not Piskei Halacha but for Chidushei Halacha.
    R.Elyashiv's Psak is the Chidush here," Not to follow Minhag Hamakom"


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