Monday, February 16, 2015

מחר יהיה האות הזה

Lekovod the upcoming Bris of my Einikel
The Mahril writes to look for a Sandek
who is an Adam Kasher [V’tov]  (honest
& good person )  so that Eliyahu Hanavie
will attend.
The Mahril seems to say, Eliyahu Hanavie
only attends  Brisos, where the Sandek is
an Adam Kasher [V’tov].

Originally the Minhag was, to say a Tefillah
for the Refuah of the mother and child on
the Kos Shel Bracha. Afterwards, both,the mother
and child drank from the Kos.

The reason we say Aleinu after the Bris, is
because we are supposed  to skip the Aleinu
after the Davening, and end the Davening with
the Aleinu of after the Bris. 

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