Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shovevim -TAT

לז"נ. האשה החשובה מרת חנה יטל בת

ר' אברהם אשי ע"ה.    ט"ז טבת 

The original Tekana of Shovevim Tat was only for
leap years. Later on it was introduced to fast Shovevim
on a regular year and Shovevim Tat on a leap year.

The Levush O. Ch. 685 writes, one of the reasons we fast  on
Shovevim Tat , so that  pregnant women shouldn’t miscarry.
During a leap year, it is more common for women to have miscarriages.
We fast 8 times for the last 8 months of pregnancy. (first month [40 days]
is not a miscarriage) . It is very appropriate to start on Parshas Shmos,
where it says   ובני ישראל פרו וישרצו

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