Monday, January 19, 2015

Do you need to stand up?

The Taz (Y.D. 242 : 13) writes “ it is not necessary to stand up when the Aron Hakodesh is opened.  People who do so, do it  for the Kavod of the Sifrei Torah."

The Chasam Sofer (Ch.M. 73) writes , "Someone who is suspect  of swearing   false oaths, in order to scare him, we may not force him to lay down in a casket and make the Shevua (oath).

One of  the reasons is because, he needs to stand while the Aron Hakodesh is open*.

*They used to open the Aron Hakodesh and light black candles, 

to scare them, as not to make a false oath.

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  1. It should be clarified that that is re standing when it it is opened, but a sefer Torah is not removed. However, if a sefer Torah is taken out, then one has to stand.


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