Monday, October 6, 2014

We should all have Arichas Yomim Veshonim etc.

One of the known Segulos for members of  
Chevra Kadisha,is Arichas Yomim.*

There was a Minhag in Pressburg, on Erev Yom Kippur,  
four  people carried the Chasam Sofer on a chair from the
Mikvah to the Shul. This Kibbud was given every year to
four  different members of the Chevrah Kadisha.

R.Akivah Sofer zt”l (Da’aas Sofer) said, he remembered
as a child, one of the four people, who was still alive.
He was at that time, 104 years old.

*Yerushalmi ( Kesubos 12 H 3) R. Chagai was 80 years old
when he buried R.Huna.He received an additional 80 years.(160 yrs.)

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