Friday, September 3, 2021

Kiddush Before Tekias Shofar Is Not An Option In Pozen

                                                                                   לז"נ ר' יצחק עמרם אליהו בן ר' אברהם אשי זצ"ל יום השנה יום ב' דראש השנה
During the Cholera Epidemic, the wisdom of the day was in order to avoid contacting the disease,
not having  an empty stomach.
Reb  Akiva Eiger and his Bais Din made a Takanah*, Anyone with an empty stomach is not Yotzei Tekias Shofar.
They all had to get up early (before Alos) and eat. For those who were weak they made a half hour break between The Tekios Demeyushav and the Tekios Deamidah to make Kiddush and eat. Having a break at this time is not acceptable, but due to the situation, the Bais Din insisted on it.
It is very interesting that the Bais Din didn’t consider it as an  option, to make Kiddush before Tekias Shofar.

*One of the other Takanos was to finish Musaf
by 10.30am. and every second seat had to remain

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