Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Excerpts of a letter written by Reb Akiva Eiger

"Regarding davening in Shul,
It is true that  gathering  in tight spaces, is not good.
You should see to it not to have more than 15 people Davening at the same time. 
In your Tefillos you should also pray for the king, his family,
his ministers and  for the whole nation. You should request from the ministry and mention in my name , to supply police  to enforce this ruling, of making sure, no more than 15 people attend Shul."

This letter was written by R. A. Eiger to his Talmid R. Elya’ Gutmacher zt”l (Greiditz Rov) who asked his Rebbe  advice how to stop , in his community the spread of the cholera epidemic.
Reb Akiva  Eiger sent him the list of Tefilos to be said after Tehilim and a whole list of practical things  to do, and what to refrain from doing.
Partial list from the Gadol Hador.
Keep the body warm
Wrap the stomach with flannel (to keep warm)
Not to eat bad food especially cucumbers
Minimize eating fruits, fish and beer
Not to eat on a full stomach
Keep the house clean
Change to clean underwear  a few times in the week
Keep the windows open
Spray the house with strong vinegar and rosewater.

In the 5th vol. (Biton ) of Teshuvas Reb Akiva Eiger  there is a copy of a  Psak Din from the Bais Din in Posen, signed by Reb Akiva Eiger  and the two other Dayanim,
R. Yackov Kalvari* & R. Moishe Landsberg zt”l,  
Takanos for the Tefilos during Yomim Noraim.
Every second seat had to remain empty**. They had to skip most of the Piyutim and finish Musaf by 10.30am. All this was done to avoid the epidemic from spreading.
*Great great grandfather of R. Moshe Alon Kalvari Shlita
**Half the people came for the 2 days Rosh Hashana the other half for Yom Kippur.

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