Wednesday, August 27, 2014

בת קול יוצאת ואומרת בת פלוני לפלוני

Daf Hashavua
Moed Katan 18b
The Gemoro (Sotah 2a) says “40 days before the creation of a child, a Bas Kol announces Bas Ploni is designated to marry Ploni”

When would you have this designation happening 30  days before creation of the child?

Tosfos (Sotah 2a) says, Kodem Yetziras Havolod is referring to the zochor (male) and not Nekeivah (female).
According to Tosfos , if the girl is older than the boy by 10 days, then her Basherte is announced 30 days before her creation.
If she is older than her husband by 10 years, then her Basherte is announced at her age of 10 etc.

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