Friday, June 17, 2022

The Bang Bang Theory

לז"נ הקדושים, מלכה בת ר' מאיר שלמה ואת שני בניה ,ניסן ופנחס הי"ד

  Ta’anis 6a     יום השנה הוקבעה  לכ' סיון

 בשלשה במרחשון שואלין- ר"ג אומר בשבעה בו

There is a Machlokes between The Rashbo and the Maharshal, if the Shamesh may announce” Rosh Chodesh” (Ya’aleh Veyavo) between Kaddish and Shemoneh Esrai.(Mariv) The Rashbo allows andthe Maharshal claims it is a Hefsek . The Poskim say this Machlokoh applies to all announcements.(V’sain Tal Umotor etc.)

Some Poskim hold to announce between Kaddish and the Shmoneh Esrai(1) “V’sain Tal Umotor”.
Others minimize the Hefsek by announcing only (2) “Tal Umotor” (no V’sain) Others reduce the Hefsek to one word (3) “שאלה
 There are others who hold like the Maharshal and no announcement is done before the Shmoneh Esrai. They make the Shamash announce it (4) during his own Shmoneh Esrai, by
saying out loud Vsain Tal Umotor.    Others hold it is not right *to announce while the Tzibbur is in middle of their Shmoneh Esrai. They make the Shamash (5) start his Shmoneh Esrai earlier than the Tzibbur so when he reaches to Vsain Tal Umotor the Tzibbur will be holding between the Kaddish and Shmoneh Esrai. Then he says it aloud.

It is very interesting, none of the  Poskim consider it, as 
an option, to do,the way it’s done, in most Shuls , today ,to
just bang on the Bimah without any announcement.

*The Be’er Moishe (Debrecen) defends those who
say aloud “ V’sain Tal Umotor” etc. during their davening.
By doing so, they remind others.
The Chazon Ish on the other hand,wasn’t fond of it.

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