Friday, May 16, 2014

Parshas Bechokaisai

There are many words in this week’s Parsha (Bechukoisai), where a Rebbi
should teitch (translate) the same word,to some children, one way and to
other children a different  teitch.      ????

The Shu”t Torah Lishma #497 (meyuchos to the Ben Ish Chai) was asked,
How to teach children the Tochocho.  When it says Hashem
will send the curses  עליכם,בכם,אתכם etc.
Should we translate the correct translation,in second person,
(on you) or we should translate it incorrectly in third
person (on them). אל תפתח פה לשטן

The Torah Lishma answered,
Gemoro (Shavuos 36a) says,  R. Kahana was quoting the Mishna “ Yakcho”
He shall hit you (second person) R. Yehudah told him to say it in
third person (hit him). The Gemoro continues and says,same applies
to Pesukim.
 Therefore  for older children who won’t get confused,
You teach him the Tochocho and the words in third person. 
Younger children,however  should be taught in second person,
so they won’t get confused, and שומר פתאים ה'

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