Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Pesach Seder

The Chida describes his travels* to Tunis. He celebrated the Seder at the Rosh Hakohol-R.Yehoshua Hakohen Tanuji.Rachamim. The servant  raised the Seder plate and surrounded it three times over the heads of all the men. Rachamim wasn’t sure how many times to do it for the women. The Chida told him there is a Pasuk in Shoftim (5:30)   רחם רחמתים לראש גבר Rachem = 1 Rachmosaim =2 : 2+1 = 3 times, only L’rosh Gever -over the head of a man and not for a woman. The original Minhag is brought down in th Bais Yosef(O.Ch. 473) in the name of Reb  Yeruchem.” The Minhag is to raise the basket over the heads of the childrenAnd to say    לפיכך אנחנו חייבים –

מעגל טוב *

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