Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Old Machzor-Daf Hashevoua

Daf Hashavua
Succah 34b
In the first day Succos Piyut, (Shachris before Kedusha- Ekcho Vorishon) we say “Boarovos Shtayim” (we take 2 Arovos) “Keimahos  Shtayim” (like the 2 mothers) - “Ba’agudos Arba” (we take the 4 minim)
“Kigvo’os Arba” (like the 4 mothers).
The obvious question is, are there two or four mothers?
My father a”h,in Shul, was troubled by this question so he looked in the Mateh Levi who says the 2 mothers are Leah & Rochel.
My father wasn't satisfied with this Pshat. 

He came up with his own Pshat.
When he came home from Shul, he checked in the Heidenheim   Machzor, he had kept at home.
Hachacham Wolf Heidenheim  writes, he found a very old Machzor where it says, instead of Keimahos (mothers) – Keamhos (maids).
Instead of a Chirik under the Alef it is a Patach, referring to the two maids Bilha & Zilpah. This makes perfect sense.
The Aravos which are the least of the Arba Minim represent the Amahos. My father was very excited because he came up with that exact same Pshat, before he saw the Heidenheim.
That same evening I went to Mr. F. Greenwood a”h  home. In his massive library he had 3-4 first & early prints of Machzorim.
They were all printed In the beginning of the 16th century.
I checked, and in all of them it said Keimahos (not like Heidenheim)

There was one more Machzor , a manuscript, written in
the 14th century . In this Machzor it does say Keamhos with aPatach under the Alef. This same Machzor, is probably ,the one, Heidenheim had in mind, when he wrote he foundin an old Machzor Keamhos.

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