Sunday, February 26, 2023

Parshas Tezave

ופעמוני זהב  בתוכם סביב     
Unkeles (Tetzaveh) , Rashi and Rambam,  translate, Besochom ,
” in between”.
The Pa’amonim were between the Rimonim.
Unkeles (Pikudei) and the Ramban, translate  Besochom
The Pa’amonim were inside the Rimonim.

According to Rashi etc,  why does the Torah write to put Pa’amonim between the Rimonim and not the Rimonim between the Pa’amonim?
There were equal amounts of Pa’amonim as Rimonim.

Reb Yosef Dov (Berel)  Soloveitchik zt”l (Yerushalyim-בנו של הגרי"ז  ) answered :
The Rambam (Kli Hamikdash 9:4) writes, first, to attach the Rimonim and only afterwards do we place the Pa’amonim.

ועושה אותן כמין רמונים שלא פתחו פיהן
ותולה אותן במעיל ומביא שנים ושבעים זוגים
ובהם שנים ושבעים ענבולים הכל זהב
ותולה בו ששה ושלשים בשולי כנף
זה וששה ושלשים בשולי כנף זה והזוג

The Rambam seems to be saying the Torah commanded us to attach the Rimonim on, first, and then
the Pa’amonim.

Hence  it was the Pa’amonim that were placed between the
Rimonim .  
I saw another answer, in the Har Hamoriyah (Friedberg Rambam)
Being the Rimonim were made from 3 colors of wool, and
the Rimonim were made from a single material (gold)
Therefore the Rimonim are  more important.

(even over gold ???)

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