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Why NOT to say Parshas Ha'mon-REPOSTED FROM LAST YEAR

              Why not to say Parshas Ha'mon

Shulchan Aruch ( O.Ch 1: 23) It is good to say Parshas Ha'mon.
(Levush) So that you will believe , Parnasa is Hashgacha Peratis

The Aruch Hashulchan  writes, Our Minhag is not to say it.
There is no mention of Parshas Ha’mon in Shas

The Derisha claims there is a Yerushalmi (Brachos) that speaks
about the Segula  of Parshas Ha’mon. The Aruch Hashulchan writes
he couldn’t find this Yerushalmi .

He continues , The reason for not saying Parshas Ha’mon is
 is because,
 a)The Parsha mentions numerous  times the Bnai Yisroels complaints
of not having food.  
 b)the complaints on the Manna.
 c)The Midrash writes  Hashem said  “I don’t need not your
 complaints and not your praises." (on the Manna)

If the sole purpose of saying the Parsha,is only to have the Segulah
Of Parnasah, The Rambam might consider it Kefirah. "They make
The Divrei Torah a Refuas Haguf and it isn’t but a Refuas Hanefesh"

(Hl. Avoda Zarah (Perek 11) 


  1. A voice of sanity, finally.

    Keep up the good work!

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