Monday, January 6, 2014

Parshas Hashovua

Who was    בן יקא?

The Zohar* Parshas Bo says , Shlomo Hamelech had seven names
שלמה  ידידיה  אגור  בן יקא   איתיאל  למואל  קהלת

The Mishnas Chachamim* 332-334 writes,
“When the Zohar was originally discovered, it wasn’t  set up
on Parshas Hashavua. At a later date it was set it up on Parshas
Hashavua. It is unknown who did it  and why he put in certain
Ma’amorim in a particular Parsha. He must have had a reason
Al Pi Sod.”

According to the Midrash only 3 names  שלמה  ידידיה קהלת   

*Maharam Chagiz

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