Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yoma not Youma

Daf Hashavua
Yoma 2a

The Yavetz writes, that  the Tosfos in Meseches Yoma is  from  
the Maharam MiRotenberg . (R.Mier ben Baruch).


Rashi translates כלי גללים  vessels made from animal manure.
In Meseches Shabbos 16b Rashi translates כלי גללים -   שייש
(marble). The Bach & R. Akiva Eiger remark on the סתירה  in
The Netziv claims that the word שייש   (in Rashi) is not
a Loshon Hakodesh word(marble) but a La’az word for
manure. In German the word  SH-T (rhymes with it) is” Scheiss”.


There is no such a word as Mesechta Youma. It's YOMA

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