Friday, November 1, 2013

Who were the Chachamim Rishonim

Daf Hashavua
Shkalim 8a

The Gemoro brings a Machlokes of Avos Haolom.

 The Gemoro  asks:

“Who were the Avos Haolom?” and answers “ it was R. Akivah & R. Yishmael.”
The Korban Haeidah explains Avos Haolom = Tanaim Harishonim. (early Tanaim)

When the Rambam quotes Chazal, he usually writes Omru Chazal or Omru Chachamim. There are a number of times where he writes
Omru  Chachamim Harishonim (last week)

 The Rambam (Hl. Shabbos  30 : 7 ) writes Omru Chachamim Harishonim

עשה שבתך חול ואל תצטרך לבריות .

 This Mamar is from Reb  Akivah
It is very likely , when the Rambam quotes Ma’amorim from early Tanaim ,

He refers to them as Chachamim Harishonim.

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