Friday, October 18, 2013

Trivia- How many dafim (blatt) does Meseches Shkalim have ?

Meseches Shkalim is the only Mesechte that has no Bavli, and two Yerushalmis.

One Yerushalmi is attached to the Bavli and the other, is part of Regular Yerushalmi.

There are a number of differences between the two. ( Y.= Yerushami- B. = attached to Bavli)

1) many different girsayos

2) Y. starts with דף א B.starts with דף ב

3) Y. Main meforshim are the Pnei Moishe & Korban Haeidah
B. Ribevan, Korban Haeida ,Taklin Chadetin

4) Y. Shkalim comes after Ms. Yoma, B. after Ms. Pesachim

5) Y. has 33 Dafim B.has 21 Dafim (different צורת הדף)

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