Monday, October 24, 2022

Lesson In Alef Bais/ Dikduk -PARSHAS NOACH

Noach has a Patach under the Ches, yet we don't pronounce it Nocha. 
The reason for it ,
because a Ches at the end of a word that has a patach under it is called. a patach genuva.
To pronounce a patach genuva you add a last syllable " ah" (or sefardim "wah")
Hence, Noach Koach Tapuach etc.
The same rule (Patach Genuvah) applies to a word that ends with a Hei and has a dogesh (dot)
Many people pronounce incorrectly. in Hallel ,Milifnei ELOHA Yaakov or. in Al Cheit, ELOHA Selichos

The correct pronounciation is ELOAH (Ah
not Ha )

My nephew R. P. Perl Shlita was meorer that Beth Medrash GovoHA. is misspelled *.
Proper spelling would be GovoAH .

Govoah for Zochor is spelled gimmel veis VOV  HEI (Patach Genuva - AH )
Gevoha for Nekeivah is spelled gimmel veis HEI HEI (Reg Patach under first Hei - HA )

Sukkah (nekeiva) shehi Gevoha (2 Heis reg Patach)
Bais Midrash (zochor) Govoah (Patach Genuvah)

* only english spelling is incorrect - hebrew spelling is correct  gimmel veis vov hei (Patach Genuva)

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