Friday, August 16, 2013

The Bain Hashmoshes Question -Pesachim 54b

Daf Hashavua Pesachim 54b

Bein Hashmoshes , we consider night, Lechumra. (Erev  Shabbos,Tisha B’av etc.)

Why don’t we say every Bein Hashemoshos has a Chazaka that it is day ? 

Whenever we don’t know (safek) when a change happened, Chazaka tells us to assume,it happened at the latest possible time.

Why don’t we consider Bein Hashmoshes Vadai (sure) day, the original status ?  


The   ( שמעתא ג' פרק ט'-י' ) *שב שמעתתאsays  חזקה העשויה להשתנות אינה חזקה a
Chazaka that will definitely  change is not considred a Chazaka.
A cow that was found to be Treifoh, Chazaka makes us assume that it happened the
latest possible time. All the milk from before this period is considered kosher .We have a Chazaka
because not  every animal becomes Treifoh. However Every Bein Hashmoshes  will eventually
become night, therefore we have no Chazaka.

*Quotes the Maharit

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