Friday, August 23, 2013

name Brurya's husband

Daf Hashavua
Pesachim 62b

The Hebrew Artscroll Gemoro misquotes from the Sefer Beniyahu*1 “ Brurya the wife of R. Mier Ba’al

The actual loshon of the Beniyahu is, “ Brurya the wife of R. Mier, the wife of the great Chover,
Ba’al Haness”.

It might sound insignificant, but there is an important  difference.

According to Artscroll’s incorrect quote. R. Mier the husband of Brurya is called R.Mier Ba’al Haness. (similar to R.Y.M. Kagen (Pupko)*2 is known today as the Chofetz Chaim etc.)

According to the original Beniyahu, Brurya the wife of R. Mier who was a great Talmid Chochom and a Ba’al Haness.  

Ba’al Haness is not part of his name, but a description
of his greatness .

I wrote in the past that the Tanna R. Mier and R. Mier Ba’al Haness were two different  people. Artscroll is not aware of it. The Ben Ish Chai could have been aware

of it.

*1Known as the Ben Ish Chai
*2 The Chofetz Chaim’s original family name was Pupko

It was changed to Kagen to avoid the Russian draft.

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